Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Digital Media Commons

Have you had a chance to visit the lower level of Jackson Library since the start of the school year? It's so much more than a space for books and documents now! It's the DMC, our new study and work space, the Digital Media Commons! We have computers, scanners, adobe software and informed staff ready to help you with your digital needs!

Awesome spaces for studying (we call it the ottoman empire)

We have tons of group study rooms you can reserve on the DMC page
Also private spaces for you to work on video editing

Most of all the space is for students, faculty and staff to use as best fits their scholarly, professional and personal needs.

Here are some of the things we helped students with in just the last week (our first week open!):

* Helped add images to blogs

* Helped students use scanners (free scanning to email)

* Helped with recording and playback on digital voice recorders

* Helped to design video presentations

* Helped students create slideshows with audio

* Helped students to use adobe Illustrator to sketch image ideas

The DMC space is open and staffed from 8am until midnight on Sunday-Thursday, from 8am-10pm on Fridays, and 10am-10pm on Saturdays

Hope to see you there soon!

all photos by Doug Mokaren, all rights reserved.

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