Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Reading Recommendations:

Ready Player One 
by Earnest Cline

Do you love the 80’s? Wade Watts, the main character in Ready Player One, does. Not because of any association he has with them, he lives in the year 2044. While the real world is overcrowded and unpleasant, most people don’t mind as long as they can plug into the virtual world of OASIS. The reason for the 1980’s obsession has to do with the creator of OASIS, a man who has died and left puzzles (most having to do with his pop culture 80’s obsession) within his virtual world that can lead to a huge fortune and power over the entire OASIS.  This book is full of 80’s movie, video game, and pop culture trivia as well as futuristic technologies and battles. A fun book that's lets you live in the past and future.

if you like it try:

 A Visit from the Goon Squad by Jennifer Egan

Girl in Landscape by Jonathan Lethem

Neuromancer by William Gibson

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