Thursday, April 19, 2012

Meet Jimmy Humphrey - Winner of 2012 Undergraduate Research Award


This year's winner researched and wrote a paper on missionary work politics, culture, and ethical globalization for Professor Roberto Campo’s international global studies senior seminar. Learn more about this topic, the research involved and background on our winner in this podcast, when Kimberly Lutz interviews Jimmy Humphrey, the 2012 Winner of University Libraries Undergraduate Research Award for his IGS 400 paper "Missionary Work, Politics, Culture, and Ethical Globalization."

The University Libraries Undergraduate Research Award is given in recognition of an outstanding undergraduate research project by an individual or a group that best demonstrates the ability to locate, select, and synthesize information form library resources and uses those resources in the creation of an original research project in any media. The winning entry wins a cash prize of $500 funded by the university libraries. This year it was awarded on April 16th 2012 at the undergraduate honors convocation.
Hosts: Irma Minerva, Jimmy Humphrey, & Kimberly Lutz
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