Thursday, April 14, 2011

Meet Sonia Haga, the 2011 Winner of the Libraries Undergraduate Research Award

Did you know there were 18 camps of German POWs in North Carolina during WWII? Do you wonder about people's reactions and cultural influences these POWs had on NC communities during this time? Learn more in this podcast, when Beth Filar Williams interviews Sonia Haga, the 2011 Winner of University Libraries Undergraduate Research Award for her Senior Honors Thesis "A Comparative Study of the Perceptions of German POWs in North Carolina." Sonia's research was possible only with the expert help from Government Information librarian Lynda Kellam and History Subject Specialist Librarian Stephen Dew, as well as the staff in Interlibrary Loan for borrowing much needed materials from other libraries.

The University Libraries Undergraduate Research Award is given in recognition of an outstanding UNCG undergraduate research project that best demonstrates the ability to locate, select, and synthesize information from library resources and uses those resources in the creation of an original research project in any media. The winning entry will receive a $500 cash prize funded by the University Libraries and awarded April 8, 2011 at the Undergraduate Honors Convocation.

Hosts: Irma Minerva, Sonia Haga, and Beth Filar Williams

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